Testimonial Simple

A set of simple testimonials with quotes and avatars, as well as a title and headline, to add authenticity on your landing page.

Testimonial Simple

import TestimonialSimple from "@/components/TestimonialSimple";
<TestimonialSimple />

You can customize the quotes, text, and supporting avatar info in @/config/content.ts:

export const testimonials: Testimonials = {
  text: {
    // Title for testimonial sections
    title: 'Builders love StarterAI',
    // Description for testimonial sections
    description: 'See how others have used StarterAI to launch AI apps quickly',
  quotes: [
        'Best app ever!',
      name: 'Customer name',
      username: 'customer_social_handle',
      avatar: '/avatars/customer_avatar.png',

Last Updated: June 7