If you're reading this and your app's ready to be deployed, congrats!

The most important part for deployment is setting the right environment variables and configurations:

  1. Make sure you replaced the NEXT_PUBLIC_SITE_URL with your deployment URL
  2. If using Supabase for authentication, make sure you set the Site URL in the the authentication management tab to your deployment URL. (Don't leave it as http://localhost:3000)
  3. If you've been using Supabase locally with the CLI, make sure you set your Supabase URL and anon key based on the project you created on the Supabase Dashoard
  4. If you're using Stripe for payments, make sure to follow the production checklist on the Payments tutorial to set the right credentials and configure webhooks. Also, don't forget to turn off TEST mode!
  5. Go through the configs/ files to make sure you've set the right branding, copy / content, and navigation links for your app

A handy tip: if you're using Vercel for deployment, you can copy-paste your production .env file into the Environment Variables section of your project settings. Double-check in your project settings that all the variables are set correctly!

Deployment options

... or any of your preferred providers

Last Updated: June 7